frequently asked questions!

Do we accept the Illinois Action for Children / Illinois Childcare Assistance Program?

Yes, we accept it. We do have a limited amount of slots available for families with Action for Children. Parents will be responsible for paying their remaining balance, as the program does not fully cover our tuition, which would be their weekly copay.

What is the enrollment process?

We invite all families to tour with us first so that they can see our wonderful facility and get a feel of what we do here at Smarty Pants. Tours are always your individual session with our owner and director, as every family has different needs. Following the tour, we can discuss your next steps if you are interested in enrolling. Parents can reserve their child’s slot by paying the nonrefundable deposit (which is 2 weeks worth of tuition that will cover your final 2 weeks of care) and completing the parent contract, which lists our policies and procedures. Parents complete their child’s file and we can finalize a start date. Finally, parents can get ready to send their child to Smarty Pants after ensuring they have all their supplies (school supplies, extra clothing for their cubbies, inside shoes, etc.).

What is your tuition?

Our tuition is set at a weekly flat fee rate. For more details regarding pricing, please call to speak with a staff member.

What is your discipline policy?

We believe in redirection and prevention, reinforcing good/desirable behaviors, and creating learning opportunities for our little people. In the event of a time out, children will use their time (which is a minute per year of age) to reflect on their actions.

Do you potty train?

Yes, we potty train when a child is ready. We will discuss with parents an individualized plan when your child is developmentally ready and vocalizing their needs for the bathroom. We also work with our parents to ensure we are working together to potty train a child.

What are your closings?

We are closed for major holidays, and we also have a Winter Break at the end of the year and a Spring Break. We also close for one day every quarter for our Professional Development days for staff. Additionally, we close one full week at the end of the summer for our staff development, first aid trainings, and to prepare for the new academic school year.

What are your meals like?

We serve nutritionally balanced meals. For special diets, parents will be required to provide meals.

Do kids go outside?

Yes, we have a playground on-site, right outside our building in our private back area.

What are your teachers' qualifications?

We have highly qualified teachers who continue yearly training to ensure we stay at the top of the educational field. Our teacher to children ratio is low and our staff has low turnover. We also have two resident grandmas that everyone loves. We are known for our great communication with parents.

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