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Meet our founder, Chicago’s innovative leader of cultivating the SMARTY’S of our next generation.

Meet Miss Daphne!

Daphne Williams is the CEO and Director of Smarty Pants. She started teaching right after graduating from college. At 22, she found herself in front of a class of 26 third graders. Over ½ of her students could not make it through a first-grade sight word list. Her heart was breaking daily. She vowed to find a way to reach these kids before failure ever became an option. After 3 frustrating years in third grade, she requested a younger grade level. Daphne was committed to preparing her students “EARLY” for the challenges that they may face in elementary school. Finally, the year came, when she was moved to kindergarten and was elated! This is where she developed her signature system that consistently had students performing at least 2-grade levels ahead, year after year. She’s now extending her services to aspiring and current daycare owners as a consultant. She believes that by spreading her skills and knowledge she can arm other early educators with the tools to change the children’s lives that they serve.

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