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At the core of our success lies the intersection of 6
focuses that cultivate the graduates of SMARTY Pants.

Our Mission

At Smarty Pants, our mission is to spark children’s love for learning through a curriculum that is structured to promote their academic, personal and social development. We create confident and independent students. The process is empowering and the opportunities are limitless. That’s the SMARTY difference.

There’s a difference between a daycare and
an Early Learning Center.

95% Gifted
Testing Scores

The Smarty Pants program yields some of Chicago’s highest performing competency scores on the CPS selective enrollment test. This allows parents to enroll their children in the top, gifted and classical schools in the city.

Proven Advanced
Proficiency Curriculum

Our program approaches early childhood education with a different perspective through our Smarty model. We foster our smarties beyond the traditional education no preparation.
This is achieved by our focus on:
S-cience, M-ath, A-rt. R-eading, T-echnology, and Y-oga.

1:4 Teacher To
Student Ratio

Small class sizes and individualized learning plans are crucial to academic success.

We all know how sacred personalized attention is on the process of developing our sense of belonging. That’s why at SMARTY Pants we go above the demands of state licensing requirements and assure that each SMARTY gets the attention they deserve.

Experience That Surpasses Expectations

Meet Miss Daphne!

With more than 30 years of educational experience, Daphne Williams is a dedicated cultivator of tomorrow’s leaders. With previous experience as a school principal, a teacher and entrepreneur, “Miss Daphne” brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to her programming and curriculum at SMARTY Pants.

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What Our SMART Parents Are Saying

Jackson’s Mom
Jackson’s Mom
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“Chicago’s best Early Learning Center Hands Down. Visit and you’ll see!”
Raquel’s Mom & Dad
Raquel’s Mom & Dad
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“When they say there’s a difference between and ELC and Daycare…it’s night & day.”
Darren’s Mom & Dad
Darren’s Mom & Dad
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“You’ve hear of My Baby Can Read? Well this program is a living model of it.”